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Commercial Power Wash

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Soft Washing &

Pressure Washing

Soft washing is a safe, effective and efficient method to clean most surfaces. We use this method on roofs, siding and other delicate surfaces. Power washing should be used only on hard surfaces such as concrete, pavers and brick, because high pressure will damage many surfaces. We provide both services and sometimes even combine the two to most effectively and safely clean. We cater our process to fit your needs.


Concrete Cleaning

Flat surfaces like concrete, bricks and pavers are susceptible to staining and organic growth, especially in shaded areas.  These areas are unsightly and potentially dangerous. We use a multi-step process using specialized equipment and detergents to get your concrete looking its best again.  

Gutter Restoration/ Brightening

Tired of looking at those unwanted black tiger stripes on your gutters? Well good news is HyTek has a method of removing those! The black stripes are a layer of oxidation and with our methods and proper soaps we can remove the oxidation layer and restore them (depending on the age of the gutters). 

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutter fully-functional is an very important part of property maintenance. It’s easily overlooked because you can’t see inside most gutters. Gutters channel water away from your home’s roof line and foundation. Gutters filled with debris can lead to expensive repairs or water damage, bugs, rodents and even snakes. Clogged gutters are also prime breeding ground for mosquitoes and roaches.  


Gutter Guard 


Tired of your gutters being full of leaves and debris?

We have a solution for you...

We offer gutter guards that will keep the leaves and debris out and let the water flow. 

Oxidation Removal on Vinyl Siding

Have you ever ran your finger across your vinyl siding and off comes a chalky residue? That is oxidation from years of sun exposure and mother nature. Do not worry. Contact HyTek today about restoring your vinyl back to the beautiful shine it once was.